Thursday, 1 December 2016

Doggy Daycare for the Holidays

We just added a page with details if you are looking for someone to care after your Staffy while you're away for the Holidays, in the Vancouver lower mainland. Check the link on the right side bar for details.

We're having lots of fun, enjoying time with our friends, family, and of course, our wonderful staffys! Apologies if we haven't replied to your puppy email inquiries, we have none at this time & will update this blog if any pups become available in the future.

Happy Holidays!!! Woof!

Thursday, 7 July 2016

beanie baby!

Frida's  forever home is in Strathcona.....heard she had no problem falling asleep and has already run into her litter mate Jock!  Thanks for the great pics!

puppy bed or owners bed????

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Mark Your Calendars

Hey Everyone, you love Staffys?  Wanna see a bunch of them and be a part of helping to lift the Staffy Ban in Ontario?  
Come out to  the 31st Annual Staffordshire Bull Terrier Walk and BBQ

More updates to come, but we would love to see everyone!

31st Annual Staffordshire Bull Terrier Walk !!
Date: Saturday, July 2, 2016 Time: Registration: 11:15 AM
Walk: 12 NOON
Place: Alex Hope Park (Langley, BC)
  • Family Fun
  • Activities, raffle
  • Hot dog lunch by donation
  • Commemorative certificate for all
  • Proceeds to Legal Defense Fund for Staffords
    in Ontario
    Tell all your family & friends to come out and support this great event !!
Directions to the walk...
  1. 1)  Take I-5 north, take Bellis Fair exit near Bellingham
  2. 2)  Follow Hwy. # 539 north to Aldergrove USA/BC border
    crossing (bring necessary documents for yourself & your
    dog(s) ie. rabies certificate, passport, picture I.D., D.L.
  3. 3)  Continue on Hwy. # 539 to Hwy # 1, and go west on Hwy
    # 1 towards Vancouver
  4. 4)  Take Langley exit (200th St)
  5. 5)  Take 1st right (88th Ave East)
  6. 6)  Follow 88th Ave East to 212A Street, turn right (south)
  7. 7)  Follow 212A St (south) to Alex Hope Park (look for Staffy
    banner in park), if lost, phone Mike: (cell: 604-617-3161)
  1. 1)  Follow Hwy 1 east, take Langley exit (200th St)
  2. 2)  Cross over Hwy. 1 (north), take 1st right (88th Ave East)
  3. 3)  Follow 88th Ave East to 212A Street, turn right (south)
  4. 4)  Follow 212A St (south) to Alex Hope Park (look for Staffy
    banner in park), if lost, phone Mike: (cell: 604-617-3161) 

Puppies on the Move

Today the pups got their nails trimmed again.  
They are growing up real quick and really starting to get little personalities on them!
They play, wrestle, growl, snarl, fall over, jump and then sleep...lot's of sleep still!

Puppy Pile

Close Up

Puppy Dog Eyes

Cutie Pie

Nice Puppy

Crazy Puppy

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

First Boo at the new Pups

Beans has done it again!  5 awesome pups that are now 3 weeks old now.

They are :
Eating food
Wagging their tails
Depth perception starts
Bearing Teeth
and they are Using the Pee Zone already!!!  Bonus!!

We will work on getting more pictures now that they are starting to look like dogs!