Wednesday, 12 August 2015



6 month old staffy male needs a new home
he is good with kids but family issues have resulted in him being at the BURNABY SPCA

Please contact Danny at if you are interested

Please email Danny to get details but this looks like one nice puppy!

Monday, 27 July 2015

Thank you all for attending the 30th Annual Staffordshire Bull Terrier Walk!!
This year it was a Pool Party for the dogs due to the heat!  Puppies loved it!!

28 Staffys  at the 30th Annual Staffy Walk
       We counted 12 Strathcona Tuff Love Puppies!

Atlin &  Chris, Clover and Nugget at the 30th Annual Staffy Walk 

Ashley and Linda, Frisco and Beans at the Staffy Pool Party!


This is how Clover cools down!

Nugget when we change the sheets!
Strathcona Tuff Love Kennels
Gramma, Ashley, Linda, Atlin, Chris, Nugget, Clover, Frisco, Beans and the youngest puppy at the event was from Beans first litter....Dre!

Friday, 26 June 2015

Staffy Walk is Saturday July 4th

OOOOOPPPPPs, We made a misprint.
Please note that the Staffybull walk is actually Saturday July 4th.  The original post said it was on the Sunday.
Bring your sunscreen and lots of water.  May be good to bring your own shade, it's a hot park.

Here's a couple new pics since I'm posting anyways!!

Clover has 3 litters with a total of 16 puppys

Nugget fell over

Nugget is cool

Saturday, 20 June 2015

30th Annual Staffordshire Bull Terrier Walk !!

Every year, we participate in the Annual Staffy Bull Walk... here is this year's info, hope to see you there!!! If you are interested in getting a Staffy or finding out more about the breed, this would be the a great chance to make some connections and meet other Staffy lovers!

30th Annual Staffordshire Bull Terrier Walk

Date: Saturday, July 4th, 2015

Time: Registration: 11:15 AM
Walk: 12 NOON

Place: Alex Hope Park
(Langley, BC)
  • Family Fun
  • Activities, raffle, silent auction
  • Hot dog lunch by donation
  • Commemorative certificate for all participants
  • Proceeds to Legal Defense Fund for Staffords

Tell all your family & friends to come out and support this great event !!

 Great turn out at last year's event! We all love Staffys!

Our gang... Strathcona Staffys represent!


Official letter from organizers:

Dear Staffys and Staffy Parents:
It has been 30 years since the first Annual Staffordshire Bull Terrier Walk, organized by John and Darci Swinton, took place in Vancouver!

On July 4th, 2015, at 12 NOON, we will begin a new decade of celebrating our special breed. It all takes place at ALEX HOPE PARK, in sunny Langley, B.C. There is on street parking as well as a parking lot adjacent to the park/school. We’ll be meeting at the northwest corner of the park at 212th St. and Telegraph St. (look for our banner).

Bring your family, friends and any pictures from past walks with you, for all to share. We are planning to have hot dogs, pop, and chips available for lunch, but feel free to bring your own lunch if you wish.

Also, don't forget to bring a leash, license, water, and plenty of plastic bags for clean-up. We want to keep our parks clean and set a good example for our breed. You may also want to bring a kennel, just to give your arm a rest from all the pulling. If it rains, the event is still on - just bring your umbrella and galoshes!

To commemorate this event, all participating staffys will receive a personalized souvenir certificate indicating that they have attended the 30th Annual Staffordshire Bull Terrier Walk !!

We will also be having a prize raffle. If you are able to donate raffle items, please bring them along. They would be most appreciated as the proceeds go to offset costs and the remainder will be donated for the Staffy defense fund in Ontario (for those of you who aren’t aware, this province has banned our breed along with others). We will also be having a silent auction. Let’s start the bidding !!!

If anyone thinks they can help with organizing some special staffy activities (obedience, agility, games, etc.) or if you require more information, please let us know. Thanks, and see you there! Invite your family and friends and have a staffordly good time. WOW, 30 YEARS !!!

Staffordly yours,

John & Darci 
Mike & Lisa 


And here are a few pics of some our Strathcona Staffys enjoying the sunshine! :) 

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Puppy post-partum

Feeling like our house has been empty these past few days without the puppies around! Friday afternoon had most of the pups get picked up by their happy new owners and ended up with an impromptu going away party, with family & friends stopping by for one last snuggle. Our good friend Mike Babiarz (aka Babz) came over to take some photos and posted them up on Flickr.... we love them!! Our hearts feel so full to see how big & healthy the pups are. And a treat that Simba (Beans' stud) was a part of the fun as well!

We're definitely missing them, but it's awesome to be able to follow their new lives via Instagram! Social media has it's perks... check out #strathconastaffys or #strathconastaffybulls

Please credit Mike Babz if you share these great photos anywhere, see full set here:

Thursday, 12 March 2015

One week left!

Wow, the days are flying by! All the puppies have great new homes they'll be going to next week! Only one more week with these sweet babes at our place... it's bittersweet since we have so much fun with them, but can't say we're not looking forward to not having to spend hours everyday cleaning up & feeding these rowdies lol ;)

Also, thank you to all the new inquiries we've received over the past few weeks... we breed one litter a year in our family home, so will not be having any more puppies until next year. We do have contacts with other Staffordshire Bull Terrier breeders in the Pacific Northwest that we can provide to you if interested.

Since it's been a while since we posted, here are a bunch of photos & a few vid's for a dose of cute in your day. We've been having the pups run around and play on the back deck on sunny days... they love it!!


Favourite sleeping position - puppy pile on the most beat up chair in the world

Cedar wanting in on the action

Little Rosie


What we do at night...

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Parvovirus scare, dog parks & puppy visits

We had a scare in the last day or so that a new canine parvovirus was circulating around several locations around BC, after seeing a brief glimpse of a news headline shared on Facebook. It looks like an old article about a viral spread originating in Chilliwack from 2013 is making the rounds through a number of dog blogs we follow, without people clicking to read the actual details... phew!

Nevertheless, it made us remember how fragile our new puppies immune systems are. Parvovirus is extremely dangerous & infectious, and can kill within 3-4 days of contraction. It is spread via direct or indirect contact with infected feces, and can live for up to 3 months on the ground (!). Transport can occur not only from dogs who play in the infected area, but on owner's shoes and any materials that come into contact with it (play toys, leashes, backpack set on the ground etc). 

You can read more about canine parvovirus here.

Vaccination will keep parvo at bay, and will be included in Beans' pups first round of vaccinations during Week 8 before they go to their new homes. We are careful not to over vaccinate our dogs and make an effort to provide information to our pups new owners on the choices they have regarding which shots are necessary and which they can choose to forego. 

Although dog parks can be tons of fun & usually have heaps of room for your dog to run around & socialize with other dogs, they can be dangerous for dogs with low immune systems due to spread of parasites & disease, create hard-to-control situations when too many dogs are brought together & territorial issues surface, and individual play can also become overly zealous leading to muscle strains, overheating & exhaustion, and general injury. 

Precaution should be used when taking your dog to a dog park (however old it is), and you should ensure you know how to control your animal if a situation arises you need to handle. We recommend new puppies should not go to the dog park for at least the first nine months of their lives. 

Some ideas for alternatives to the dog park (modified list from this site):

  • Safe hikes & trail walks/runs that are at your dog’s fitness level
  • Walk in your neighborhood, but take a different route each day for variety
  • Go to a big, open field (that is dog friendly) and invite friends to join you
  • Interactive toys to keep your dog engaged and play at home
  • Go to a dog friendly beach or lake
  • Join a community dog walking group
This week, we'll start having our puppies potential new owner's come to visit & meet the gang! We'll ask them to avoid the dog park for the time being if they have other dogs at home, or wear separate shoes from those they wear to the park. Shoes will come off when they come inside & a thorough hand washing before they get to interact with the pups. 

Teeth are in! Grrrrr

They are sooo big right now & getting bigger every day!